Jan 22, 2011

Lake Skinner Trip

My mom got an RV a couple years ago and has been taken solo trips around the country.  When I found out she was doing a weekend trip at a campground about 2 hours away I jumped at the chance to join her.

Of course Milo came along.

Huey ordered a travel trailer of his own a few months back from a manufacture in Texas.  It just so happens to be the same week it was ready to pick up.  I wasn't able to take the time off work during the week, so he drove the straight 2 day drive there and 2 day drive back alone...then surprised us by meeting us at Lake Skinner.

Mom, Milo and I before our hike.

Huey and Milo.

Milo loved going on long walks and exploring the campground, luckily for him we will be doing this a lot more often now!


Laurie said...

He's getting so big!

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