Feb 27, 2011

Lake Hemet Trip 2/20/11

We got a new travel trailer a couple weeks ago and have been eager to put it to use.  We planned on camping at Lake Hemet over the weekend, but thought we would have to cancel due to fore casted rain.  After waking up to nice weather Sunday morning we decided to make the 2 hr. drive for a short trip since I had work Monday morning.  I had been checking the forecast all week and it had rained on Saturday, but I never saw anything about snow...so we were a little surprised!

We weren't prepared for camping in the snow, but it was only for 1 night and we knew Milo would really enjoy it.

He was pouncing all over the place!

All these tracks were from Milo within the first 20 minutes!

He loves his Kong Wubba he received from Laurie and Sadie in the Corgi Butts Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

My sleeping bag warmer ready for bed.  19 degrees outside and Milo's first time wanting to sleep under the covers.


Katie said...

Adorable pictures!!! Looks like a lot of fun!

Laurie said...

Such great pics!! So happy he loves that toy :)

Laurie said...

We gave you an award! Check it out :)


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