Feb 12, 2011

Our New Favorite Park

Milo LOVES playing with other dogs and I LOVE watching, so I've been spending most of my weekends driving him 30 minutes + to the dog park near my work or to corgi meet ups in West LA.  I did an internet search and found a fairly new dog park just down the street in Downey and was excited to find something so close.

We went to check it out over my Christmas break and there wasn't a single dog there, so I thought it never got used and continued taking him at least 30 minutes away so he could have other dogs to play with.  About 3 weeks ago I was short on time and decided to give the local park another try.  Glad I did!

Every time we have gone since there has been a really good group of dogs and he always come home with this smile on his face.

After a few back to back days of rain we took the small window of dryness to visit again.

After his friends left we brought out his favorite ball and let him herd it to get the last of his energy out.

He had such a good time he was too muddy for the car.  Luckily I still had his baby crate in the trunk.  :)

We will still make occasional trips to corgi meet ups and different parks, but it sure is nice to have the option to let him have some fun and be able to get some other things done over the weekend as well!


Bailey and Cali - Two Pups, One Tale said...

oh, my hubby loves going to the Downey doggie park. He discovered it one day, and has taken Bails and Cali a couple of times. I went once too..It's really nice. Much better than the Huntington Beach one, and so much closer. We should meet up one of these days and introduce the pups :)

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