Dec 21, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

I came home from Christmas shopping to shredded cardboard and gift wrap all over the floor.  Apparently somebody knew the box was for him and couldn't wait.

These holiday cookies made the box irresistible!

Well, I guess he gets to keep a few of his present early.  The rest of the box he hadn't got to will wait.  :)


Kelly said...

haha, corgis will find a way to get to their food, won't they? :)

Carleenp said...

Ty wishes he had thought of that so he could have gotten some stuff early!

Laurie said...

We are so happy you liked your gifts!!! :) Milo is so adorable! I love that he busted into the package hahaha.

-Laurie and Sadie

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